The Concept

The concept of serviced office facilities for customers that are not ready to occupy a building of their own is well established.  Particularly in the case of a new business or one that is moving into the area, a serviced office removes most of the research and trial-by-error risk that is almost always underestimated in terms of time, cost and burden. 

However, some businesses need more than office space and so have to make the big transition to an industrial facility, whether it be simple warehousing or full manufacturing.  This is much more complex than setting up an office and so budget and schedules are often grossly underestimated.  But, a very common mistake is underestimating operating cost and facing many unexpected ones, especially if this is your first time.  Bigger overheads than you expected and increased financial exposure, in addition to the extra management burden,  can quickly challenge the viability of your business after having committed to a lease that you cannot get out of.

The G-Tech Innovation Center was established to offer serviced industrial space with the same benefits as the serviced office concept.  But, G-Tech was also founded to nurture entrepreneurialism and new business by providing a range of business support, mentoring and like-minded interaction with other businesses where synergies and partnerships can also develop and thrive.

Whether you are a business startup looking for a serviced office and a small area of workshop or just looking for temporary industrial workspace, the benefits of the G-Tech Innovation Center far outweigh the costs, risk and stress of the alternatives.  Let your business thrive while you take the time to think about the best long-term solution.