Facilities and Services

At the heart of The 11-acre G-Tech Innovation Center is “G-Tech 1”, a modern 48,000sq.ft office and climate-controlled workshop facility complete with overhead cranes.  G-Tech 1 will be extended as the center develops and according to demand.  The remainder of the Center will be dedicated to smaller single level units which can be configured with varying office/workshop ratios.  Handling facilities can be provided but a great advantage of being anywhere at the center is  having access to the main facilities in G-Tech 1 where height and heavy overhead lifting is readily available. Accommodation arrangements start at a single workstation.

Facilities and support services include but are not limited to:

  • Serviced office space

  • Serviced industrial space (workshop/warehouse)

  • 20 ton workshop crane capacity

  • Forklift

  • External storage and workspace

  • Health, Safety & Environmental compliance support

  • Reception and administration services

  • Telephone answering and forwarding

  • IT, wifi and data services

  • Professional services support (legal, accounting, human resources, insurance, etc.)

  • Business mentoring and partnering support

  • Engineering and manufacturing support

  • Security and video surveillance

  • Cleaning

  • Waste disposal

  • Kitchen facilities

In order to simplify the process for our customers, occupancy is based on inclusive service agreements for as little as three months instead of conventional leases.  With us providing facilities management, infrastructure, utilities, general regulatory compliance, mentoring and a range of business services support, our customers can focus on their business with minimal overhead commitment and commercial risk.

We are like a “hotel for business and industry” – move in quickly, get down to business immediately and stay for as little or as long as you need while you take the time to plan and make the best decisions for the future.